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Delivering WOW Platinum Coaching
The DWOW Platinum Coaching program will empower you with the knowledge and equip you and your team with the tools to grow, scale and optimize your practice.

Hundreds of dental practices have already experienced the impact of the systems and mindset shifts we helped them to implement in their businesses. 

Team members become leaders, team culture becomes healthier than ever before, and every team member takes responsibility for the practice’s success.

Leadership & Business Mastery

Coaching and training for you and your team

Case Presentation Mastery

Earn more and do more 
dentistry you love

Marketing & Scaling Mastery

Attract and serve patients who value your services. 

If you’re anything like the practices we’ve worked with, every day in your dental practice is a long list of questions you struggle to answer:
  • ​How are we going to get more patients in the chair?
  •  How are we going to fill the holes in our schedule?
  •  How do we onboard and train our team for success?
  •  How can we reduce our overhead? 
  •  How do we ensure that we reach our production and collection goals?
  •  When am I going to finally take a paycheck?
  •  How can I market to get more high-quality patients?
If you’ve been through this before, or if you’re going through it right now, I’m here to tell you:
It's normal.
We’re Dentists!

We were trained to do dentistry, not how to run a dental business.

(And P.S., It would be so much easier if we were taught this in school.)

I discovered that success boils down to 2 simple steps:

Step One. Define Your Vision. Figure out exactly what you want to stand for and who you want to attract to your practice.

Step Two. Implement Systems. Implement simple, straightforward systems to transform your vision into a reality.

We are here to help you improve leadership skills, simplify your case presentation, 
optimize your systems, master marketing and empower your team.

Dr. Holmes:
Profitability &

Dr. Gregg May:
Verbal Skills & 
Case Acceptance

Dr. Ankur Gupta
Practice Culture & Leadership

Sara Ritchie
Team Lead Coach

Sandy Pardue
Scheduling for Profit

Laura Hatch
Front to Back 
Office Systems

Jennifer Turner:

Dr. Trent Redfearn
Dental Assistants

DeVon Banks
Insurance Coach

Samantha Leonard
Hiring & Onboarding 

Alyssa Keefer

Josey Sewell:
Team Health

Dr. Shannon McCarthy
Within months of joining, I was able to drop PPOs and now enjoy traveling and practicing dentistry on my terms with a team that takes the lead in growing the business. What I love most is the program is not an out of the box solution. Everyone can grow based on the practice they choose to create.
Customized Coaching & Training

No two practices are the same, which is why we determine your coaching path based on the results of your Practice Gap Assessment ™. 

Once onboarded, you and your team will be given our Practice Gap Assessment ™ that will highlight your practice strengths and practice weaknesses so we will know EXACTLY where to FOCUS with your coaching and your training.

We will also dive into your practice numbers though our Delivering WOW Coaching Scorecards ™so we know EXACTLY where the weak links are to provide tested and proven solutions.

All virtual live coaching and training calls are available for future playback.
Business Foundation

We will help you create your vision, empower your team, and implement our Delivering WOW 
7 Step Systems Framework that has helped over 300 practices like yours accelerate results.

Grow Faster Through Effectice Case Presentation & 
Tracking Key Metrics

Next, learn to reverse engineer profits as well as optimize accountability, productivity and efficiency though utilization of whiteboards, weekly Level 10 meetings, and scorecards. 

Get Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Performance Metrics to monitor growth and celebrate your team when you surpass your practice goals!

Monthly Business Training & Coaching

In addition to implemeting key business systems and profitability tools, we are here to help you empower your team, simplify your case presentation, and optimize your systems.

  • ​Monthly leadership, verbal skills  & case acceptance training and coaching to do more dentistry you love.
  • ​Monthly Doctor and Team Lead productivity calls
  • ​Monthly training on how to effectively fill your schedule, prevent broken appointments and run effective morning huddles
  • ​Monthly training train for your Insurance Coordinators to allow you to collect more and create better systems
  • ​Monthly training and coaching for your Hygienists and Dental Assistants to increase their efficiency, productivity and profitability
Get Help With Marketing

In addition to a monthly marketing call, you will receive access to a full marketing training library as well as fully built marketing campiagns, social images, flier and funnel templates and more!

Workshops and In Office Coaching

What makes Platinum different, is that in addition to getting access to weekly virtual training, an accountability coach, and Doctor and team mastermind chats, we offer in-office coaching and workshops to identify bottlenecks and accelerate performance and results.

Dr. Thu Nguyen
 I grew my practice by over 30% and opened a second location focused on dental specialties. I have mastered delegation, so now my team is empowered to take the lead in coming up with ideas to serve our patients and our community better.
- Dr. Cassandre Joseph, North Carolina
"I put everything on the line to start and grow my practice and knew that I did not want to try to figure things out on my own. I grew my practice exponentially and am now have my dream practice. 
I can't thank Anissa enough."
Dr. Eric Issac
 With a very small team, I was able to grow my practice by 57 percent in my first year and 60 percent in the second year of  working with Anissa and her team.  Best of all, I am excited about the impact that we are making in my community,
Why You're Here...
You're here right now because you're looking for people who get it and get you...people who get what it's like to be running a dental practice, people who have been in the trenches.

You're tired of trying to reinvent the wheel. 

You want someone to translate the latest marketing strategies so you can implement them in your business.

You want a mentor to show you the most effective ways to hire and build an incredibly powerful team.

You want to look at your bottom line and know that you are in a secure place.

Your practice needs to become more vibrant, and in order to do that you know that you need a roadmap and accountability.

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